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Marketing Services
Research & Planning
Understanding the market you are selling into is imperative. Knowing your products is important but knowing your competitors is even more important. Ultimately your competitive offer and unique selling points must stand out and attract a constant stream of customers. If sales begin to fall off it's time to find out why and fix things fast!
Corporate Identity
Your business identity system includes company stationery, signage, website and anything you leave your brand mark on. A strong and consistent identity helps communicate your company to your target audience. We can design a strong identity that meets your objectives and makes your brand instantly recognisable to your customers.
Online Business
Whether your business is new or generations old it's likely you will require an online presence. Online is great it works for you tirelessly - 24/7. Update it whenever you want and get real time reporting. Our systems include content management, search engine optimisation, web forms, ecommerce , crm and integrate social networking.
Direct Marketing
Have you a message for customers or prospects? You probably want to know what is the most responsive type of campaign to run. Well it all depends on the group you want to target. Who are they? Where do find them? Why should they respond to you? We can help you with adverts, postcards, letters, google adwords, Facebook updates and more.
If employing a marketing and design department is not on the cards then consider outsourcing. I'll work with your team to quickly promote your strengths, reach your customers and make those sales.

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