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Facebook Admin?

tom whelan - Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who Should You Trust To Manage Your Facebook Page?

Facebook may have established the title of "Page Admin" to represent the person in charge of managing your Facebook page, but that doesn't mean it's a job for just anyone.

Before you figure out who will manage (and maximise) the social media presence for your brand, you should quit looking at your open position as one that requires, “little or no experience.”

Inspiring action on Facebook not only takes a healthy dose of determination, but it also takes creativity. Before putting someone in the hot seat, make sure they have the ability to get a firm grip on your brand, and the time and resources to follow through with your efforts.

Seriously, please don’t just leave it up to the intern who has the most Facebook friends. Plan your Facebook marketing efforts with the same type of thought and effort you put into all your marketing.

Design promotions, implement strong branded pages and tabs, and above all make sure your staff are empowered (and educated) so they can confidently interact with your customers in your brand voice and with adequate product knowledge.


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