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Facebook 1.4m +

tom whelan - Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pictured above Mark Zuckerburg, Creator of Facebook

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Facebook Surpasses 1.4 Million Users In Ireland

Rick Kelley – head of mid market sales for Facebook spoke at a business breakfast recently. He announced that Facebook in Ireland now has over 1.4 million members – a truly an astounding figure. It seems that the Irish just love finding new ways to communicate.

New Opportunity

For businesses, this represents a fantastic opportunity to tap into the Facebook network and promote goods and services to their members.

Inexpensive Advertising

Tapping into the Facebook network is good value for businesses. To start it’s free! Just set up your page and promote it to your own network. After that you can promote it to others and build your fan base.

House of Lords
Rick Kelley spoke at a business breakfast as part of the Bank of Ireland Business Enterprise Week


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