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Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

I have added four new social networking guides and a video from Facebook customisation house 'North Social'.

Check out the new page here

Ireland Reach Out Project

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

LOUGHREA, IRELAND — The first message Cameo Wood received from Ireland had an air of mystery to it.

“We are trying to connect with members of the Ball family,” it read, naming her great-great-great-grandparents, Patrick and Margaret, and the parish where they had been buried, Kilchreest. “Contact me for more information.”

This is an excerpt from the New York Times today. The full story explains how Mike Feerick, David McWilliams and the team at the 'Reach Out' project track down relatives of past emigrants and invite them to come and visit their ancestral home.

“The project is based on a very simple idea: Instead of waiting for people of Irish heritage to trace their roots, we go the other way,” said Mike Feerick, who has been leading the charge to rekindle ties between the Irish and their diaspora.

A Win Win campaign. Great for the people who want to discover their ancestry and great for Irish tourism. Read the full article here

Promo Blog for Sord

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

Sord Data Systems launch their new promotional blog just in time for the release of the new HP TouchPad . The new system will allow for new promotions to be updated and communicated to their customers rapidly. 

Best Ways To Customise Facebook

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

This is a good article if you are looking for ways to customise your Facebook business page.

Volkswagen's Fast Lane

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

FAST LANE – Driven by fun.

Volkswagens viral campaign. Fast Lane is dedicated to everyone who loves to go beyond the regular, who is curious for new stuff and who simply enjoys to speed it all up a little.

Long staircase. Next to it a slide. Which way would you go?

See the full Facebook campaign here 

Guerilla Marketing

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

I love 'Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns'!

And I think we are going to see loads of campaigns like these in Ireland over the next few years.

Tell me about your favorites?


Facebook Page Management

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

Need Help Managing Your Facebook Page
& Social Networking Strategy?

Don't fret. We can help.

We'll help you plan your communications with all your fans. Add functionality to your page - like special viral promotions or contact forms. Show you ways to grow your fanbase and keep them interested!

Social Networking Management costs from as little as €250.00 per month. That includes wall posts, Facebook Ads, copywriting and creative. To find out more call Tom on 01 236 6000.

Jobless Paddy

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

Féilim Mac An Iomaire's 'Jobless Paddy' ad.

Well what a campaign. It's certainly dramatic and it's certainly an ATTENTION GRABBER.

Féilim's response to unemployment is admirable. He set out to show his creativeness developing a startling campaign that would capture the attention of the media. With reports on RTE, an article in the Guardian and a BBC reporter chasing him down on Facebook, it seems he has achieved this.

Well done Féilim and good luck with the interviews!

Read the full story from the Guardian or RTE

Job Done With Publisher!

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

Microsoft Publisher 2010 helps you create, personalise, and share a wide range of professional-quality publications and marketing materials with ease.

You can easily communicate your message in a variety of publication types, saving you time and money. Whether you are creating brochures, newsletters, postcards, greeting cards, or e-mail newsletters, you can deliver high-quality results without having graphic design experience.

Create visually compelling publications
Publisher provides a broad range of tools that help you look like a design genius and create content that’s sure to impress. Use picture-editing tools—including the ability to pan, zoom, and crop your images and picture placeholders—that make it a snap to replace images while preserving the layout of your page. Easily fine-tune every picture to help your publication look its absolute best.

Give your text the appearance of expert typesetting with new OpenType typography
Publisher 2010 provides support for the ligatures, stylistic sets, and other professional typography features available in many OpenType fonts. Use built-in or custom OpenType fonts to create text as impactful as images with just a couple of clicks.

Share your publications with confidence
When it’s time to share your publication, Publisher 2010 leaves nothing to guesswork.
Compile, edit, and manage your customer or contacts list directly in Publisher, using the easy and efficient Mailings tab on the Publisher 2010 Ribbon.

Access the Design Checker from the new Backstage view to automatically review your publication for many common errors before you share it. Get options for fixing them quickly and easily. Then, return to Backstage view when the publication is ready to go and save it to whatever format you need for easy sharing—from PDF or XPS to a range of image formats, such as JPEG or PNG.

Whether you’re working on your monthly newsletter, designing a new postcard, creating greeting cards, or developing a marketing campaign for your business, Publisher 2010 helps you create the content you need more quickly, with more flexibility, and with better results.

Download the Top 10 Features

Watch The Video From Microsoft

It's Easy with North Social

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

North Social create easy-to-use applications that enable anyone to quickly manage and customise Facebook pages.

Their platform of Facebook applications give brands large and small simple and powerful tools to create, launch, and manage custom Facebook pages.

They provide the largest platform of apps for a single user license which makes their platform the most powerful and most affordable solution in the market. From €16 per month!

You can see all the apps and sign up for a free 14 day trial by visiting their website at

Hundreds of successful companies are using the apps including 3M, CBS, Coca-Cola, EA Sports, Garmin, Greenpeace, LG, Nestle, Renault, SanDisk, Sony, Unicef and Virgin.

Are you already using North Social? See tips and tricks here

Watch The Video

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