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Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

We receive lots of high quality marketing collateral from our suppliers. However, we could not re-use it easily and get it out to our customers. We  looked around for someone to help and advise us on what to do to improve our email campaigns.

Initially we thought of just using newer email software. However after talking to Tom we decided the route he offered was much more efficient and effective for us and our customers.

He took an ordinary brief and turned it round to provide an excellent solution for all our marketing collateral that builds into an archive available to all our customers and our sales staff.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tom Whelan to any potential client. He is really great to work with, knows what he is doing and gets results quickly.

I value his advice around marketing in general and new media in particular and I look forward to working on more projects with Tom in the future.

Richard Holbrook
Sord Data Systems

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