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21% of Irish businesses have e-commerce?

Tom Whelan - Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Irish businesses planning e-commerce fightback?

For failing to develop their sites for e-commerce, Irish businesses are losing online business to the UK and other markets which are targeting Irish consumers. As a result, they are planning an e-commerce fightback.

Irish retailers and other traditional businesses are planning to step up e-commerce activity in 2011 and encourage more Irish consumers to buy from Irish rather than overseas websites.

According to the latest State of the Net quarterly bulletin, price-conscious consumers are turning increasingly to the internet to research and buy products and services.

Higher internet adoption levels, smartphone and social media usage, as well as a range of internet-only deals, will also result in higher e-commerce sales this Christmas.

However, Irish businesses are losing e-commerce business to the UK and other markets, which are targeting Irish consumers.

Many Irish e-commerce sites lag behind international sites in terms of the user experience, the deals on offer and the average transaction value.

From a low e-commerce base
Last week, the .ie Domain Registry (IEDR) revealed that only 66pc of Irish businesses had websites and of these a mere 21pc had e-commerce capability.

To make matters worse, the IEDR revealed there has been only a 3pc net increase since 2000 in the number of firms conducting e-commerce on their websites.

If this is the case, it’s hardly surprising that Irish consumers under served locally online are turning to overseas providers. For being e-commerce laggards, Irish firms have been paying the price.

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