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Anti Drink Driving Ad From Fiat

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

Anti drink driving poster by Fiat in Brazil. The caption reads "Now you see it. Now you don't."

Need Inspiration? See These Stunning Print Ads...

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

This ad is done for FedEx showing their services from USA to Brazil. The concept of using maps makes this ad so outstanding.

See lots more examples here

Ireland By Numbers

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

This is a great video produced by IBEC.
It highlights all the positive business numbers in Ireland. You might be surprised:

  • 4th largest exporter of beef in the world
  • Home to 8 of the top 10 technology companies
  • Total US investment into Ireland is greater than the whole US investment into Brazil, Russia, India & China
  • 10 of the world's top prescription drugs are made in Ireland - worth €6.9B in exports
  • Half of the world's fleet of leased aircraft is managed from Ireland

For more facts watch the video above....

Ireland Reach Out Project

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

LOUGHREA, IRELAND — The first message Cameo Wood received from Ireland had an air of mystery to it.

“We are trying to connect with members of the Ball family,” it read, naming her great-great-great-grandparents, Patrick and Margaret, and the parish where they had been buried, Kilchreest. “Contact me for more information.”

This is an excerpt from the New York Times today. The full story explains how Mike Feerick, David McWilliams and the team at the 'Reach Out' project track down relatives of past emigrants and invite them to come and visit their ancestral home.

“The project is based on a very simple idea: Instead of waiting for people of Irish heritage to trace their roots, we go the other way,” said Mike Feerick, who has been leading the charge to rekindle ties between the Irish and their diaspora.

A Win Win campaign. Great for the people who want to discover their ancestry and great for Irish tourism. Read the full article here

Promo Blog for Sord

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

Sord Data Systems launch their new promotional blog just in time for the release of the new HP TouchPad . The new system will allow for new promotions to be updated and communicated to their customers rapidly. 

Jobless Paddy

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

Féilim Mac An Iomaire's 'Jobless Paddy' ad.

Well what a campaign. It's certainly dramatic and it's certainly an ATTENTION GRABBER.

Féilim's response to unemployment is admirable. He set out to show his creativeness developing a startling campaign that would capture the attention of the media. With reports on RTE, an article in the Guardian and a BBC reporter chasing him down on Facebook, it seems he has achieved this.

Well done Féilim and good luck with the interviews!

Read the full story from the Guardian or RTE

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