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Facebook Page Management

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

Need Help Managing Your Facebook Page
& Social Networking Strategy?

Don't fret. We can help.

We'll help you plan your communications with all your fans. Add functionality to your page - like special viral promotions or contact forms. Show you ways to grow your fanbase and keep them interested!

Social Networking Management costs from as little as €250.00 per month. That includes wall posts, Facebook Ads, copywriting and creative. To find out more call Tom on 01 236 6000.

It's Easy with North Social

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

North Social create easy-to-use applications that enable anyone to quickly manage and customise Facebook pages.

Their platform of Facebook applications give brands large and small simple and powerful tools to create, launch, and manage custom Facebook pages.

They provide the largest platform of apps for a single user license which makes their platform the most powerful and most affordable solution in the market. From €16 per month!

You can see all the apps and sign up for a free 14 day trial by visiting their website at

Hundreds of successful companies are using the apps including 3M, CBS, Coca-Cola, EA Sports, Garmin, Greenpeace, LG, Nestle, Renault, SanDisk, Sony, Unicef and Virgin.

Are you already using North Social? See tips and tricks here

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Facebook Admin?

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

Who Should You Trust To Manage Your Facebook Page?

Facebook may have established the title of "Page Admin" to represent the person in charge of managing your Facebook page, but that doesn't mean it's a job for just anyone.

Before you figure out who will manage (and maximise) the social media presence for your brand, you should quit looking at your open position as one that requires, “little or no experience.”

Inspiring action on Facebook not only takes a healthy dose of determination, but it also takes creativity. Before putting someone in the hot seat, make sure they have the ability to get a firm grip on your brand, and the time and resources to follow through with your efforts.

Seriously, please don’t just leave it up to the intern who has the most Facebook friends. Plan your Facebook marketing efforts with the same type of thought and effort you put into all your marketing.

Design promotions, implement strong branded pages and tabs, and above all make sure your staff are empowered (and educated) so they can confidently interact with your customers in your brand voice and with adequate product knowledge.

About Social Media

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

What You Need To Know About Social Media

The buzz around social media has been growing to a near crescendo. People are blogging, connecting with friends on
Facebook, posting updates to Twitter, and getting LinkedIn.

Is your business or organisation still on the social media sideline, looking to get into the game but unsure of how to proceed, or are you wondering if the business value is there?

In this guide, Constant Contact outline 35 of the most important things you need to know about social media networks: what they are, why you’d want to use them, and how to use them effectively.

With this information in hand, you’ll have the right ammunition to start building your social media presence.

Go to Marketing Freebies to download the report

Facebook 1.4m +

Tom Whelan, Marketing Consultant

Pictured above Mark Zuckerburg, Creator of Facebook

Download Facebook Pages Guide

Facebook Surpasses 1.4 Million Users In Ireland

Rick Kelley – head of mid market sales for Facebook spoke at a business breakfast recently. He announced that Facebook in Ireland now has over 1.4 million members – a truly an astounding figure. It seems that the Irish just love finding new ways to communicate.

New Opportunity

For businesses, this represents a fantastic opportunity to tap into the Facebook network and promote goods and services to their members.

Inexpensive Advertising

Tapping into the Facebook network is good value for businesses. To start it’s free! Just set up your page and promote it to your own network. After that you can promote it to others and build your fan base.

House of Lords
Rick Kelley spoke at a business breakfast as part of the Bank of Ireland Business Enterprise Week

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